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Try to be optimistic about your future

African Americans are 20% more likely to have a mental illness

We are not responsible for the trauma that happens to us, but we are responsible to heal from those traumas.

Don’t forget to check in with yourself!

Forgiving yourself is step 1

Ignoring your emotions adds time to your healing

Normalize therapy by making it a right not a luxury

Breaking generational curses one therapy session at a time!

Asking for help is brave

Growth and change is a constant

Freedom will never come unless it is inclusive

Don’t pour into people who suck you dry

It is time to eliminate the stigma of mental illness in the Black community

Rest in Power George Floyd: 10/14/1973-5/25/2020

Mindfulness starts with checking in on yourself


It’s time to look in the mirror!

Your Therapist is not supposed to be your friend

It's time to admit you're stopping your growth!

We have to stop ignoring Black mental health!

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