A 501c3 Nonprofit Organization dedicated to providing remote mental health services with Black Mental Health professionals for Black and African American individuals. Absolutely FREE.


Connecting Black therapists with Black and African American individuals who lack adequate funds or health insurance. Absolutely free.


A platform to uplift our Black community by giving the reparations our Black community deserves that our country has yet to accomplish.

Finding a therapist who shares racial identity is one of the most important factors in the therapist search. Black therapists can better relate and understand their culture, values, and experiences, especially those relating to systematic oppression, racism, and intergenerational trauma.

Black Americans are disproportionately affected by mental illness and poverty. Black and African American mental health professionals are disproportionately underrepresented as they account for just 5% of the psychology workforce. While the average cost for a therapy session can be over $125, Black therapists are also caught in a cycle of financial strain due to providing lower-cost services to Black people who often don't have the resources, but have a higher need, for mental health access- deeming black therapists for Black people highly inaccessible.

By supporting Free Black Therapy, you are supporting Black people in need of mental healthcare as well as Black therapists.

Check out our educational branch! We've partnered with KUVIT BEAUTY, a Black family-owned beauty company, who has so graciously blessed us with their unique blog: KUVIT KONVERSATIONS.

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We've partnered with Tumblr for Mental Wealth Month!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Honoring George Floyd

Check out our content promoting mental health as well as celebrating the life of George Floyd on Tumblr's Mental Health blog, Post It Forward

Mental Health Awareness! We know that mental health isn’t just about therapy – sometimes it’s about zenning out for a bit, moving your body, or chitchat in the embrace of like minds. One of the biggest barriers to mental healthcare tools and resources is not having the funds. That’s why Tumblr is working with Free Black Therapy to provide low-cost or discounted programs and services for the people who need it most.

For more information, head on over to postitforward, Tumblr’s official blog for all things mental health.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800) 273-8255

National Domestic Violence Hotline: (800) 799-7233

National Alliance on Mental Illness Hotline: 800-950-NAMI

or text “NAMI” to 741741

National LGBT Hotline: 888-843-4564

National LGBT Youth Talkline: 800-246-7743

National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs: 212-714-1141 (English and Spanish)

National Hopeline Network: (800) 784-2433

National Crisis Line, Anorexia and Bulimia: (800) 233-4357

Trans Lifeline: 877-565-8860

DeHQ: LGBTQ Helpline for South Asians: 908-367-3374

Family Violence Helpline: (800) 996-6228

Self-Harm Hotline: (800) 366-8288

Planned Parenthood Hotline: (800) 230-7526

American Association of Poison Control Centers: (800) 222-1222

Alcoholism & Drug Dependency Hope Line: (800) 622-2255

TREVOR Crisis Hotline: (866) 488-7386

AIDS Crisis Line: (800) 221-7044



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